Music Is Math

Big thanks to the Behance Network for turning me on to the amazing work of Tatiana Plakhova, whose series “Music Is Math” is a meditation on the mathematical nature of sound, expressed in exciting and complex visualizations. Her work is grounded in exploring patterns and repeated forms, but she does so with a celestial eye and encourages us to consider tiny aspects of reality as being microcosms unto themselves.

The image above could fit equally as well in a NASA photo gallery as it could in a physicist’s treatise on string theory, yet it was inspired by music. Mathematical patterns and recursive vertices weave in and out of all three topics, but it took an artist as talented as Tatiana to bring the similarities into bright focus.

You can order prints and wallpapers at Complexity Graphics


3 Responses to Music Is Math

  1. Brian Benham says:

    WOW that is really beautiful. I studied music education in college and saxophone was my main instrument. One of the papers I wrote was about how playing music strengthed your mathmatical skills. After reviewing my own report card after college I did discover that music and math are complementatry. I aced all music and math classes and strugled in all non music and math classes

    • stockyturtle says:

      There’s definitely a connection. Interestingly, though I’m passionate about music and studied it in college, I am definitely not skilled in math. I’m actually awful at it. But, I have a bookshelf full of books ABOUT math because I find the topic fascinating.

      Not sure how to explain it, but there it is. 🙂 Thanks for posting…

  2. Deea says:

    Reblogged this on The colourful RhYtHm of my life and commented:
    Music is Math …. Now it makes sense why I love music: because I was good at math hahahaha :)))

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