We Are Hunted


My brother, creator of  the Daily Exhaust blog (http://blog.thecombustionchamber.com/), discovered this site and sent it my way. We Are Hunted is an online music chart. It aggragates the trends and buzz from across the internet, tracking song popularity in real time. Everything from social networks to torrents are tapped, which makes this chart an incredibly accurate snapshot of song rankings.

This begs the question: Is We Are Hunted a better tool for charting songs than Billboard? WAH only tracks discussions, postings, and downloads from a variety of sources, but you could argue that this is a better representation of popularity than actual purchases. I envision a future where tools like WAH are the benchmark for notoriety, in the same way Nielson established the ratings standard for television. Ratings (i.e. popularity) is linked directly to ad revenue in the television world, with shows commanding higher rates as they climb the Nielson charts.

We may see this trend in the music industry soon.

(We Are Hunted’s interface and layout also make it a great resource for discovering new music, especially for artists that may not have the sales figures or advertising power of bigger name acts.)


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