Leveraging Distraction


This is a follow-up to my previous post—the one detailing a sophisticated combination of many Web 2.0 applications in order to create an efficient and distraction-free environment for creative work.

Today, I’m more interested in not using web apps in order to maximize efficiency.

It sounds like two contradictory philosophies, when in fact they are complementary. For as many productivity-focused websites that have come up, there have been more distraction-focused… by several orders of magnitude. This is great news for musicians, artists, and creative entrepereneurs the world over. With every passing day, the internet is hypnotising potential competition and dulling otherwise great minds.

The hours you may spend online poking around Facebook, perusing MySpace, and Stumbling the hours away on your way to the next great Digg post can potentially translate to some serious free time to use toward creating something. And, because so many are not using their time to create, the playing field out there has been cleared. Your odds of exposure are higher since great new creative works are becoming more scarce. This means that the business, painting, or novel you’re drafting will be perceived as more remarkable, simply because the idea of creation is more foreign these days.

In fact, the current recession has proved further barrier for new entry, as people are tightening their wallets and ambitions in favor of something they view as safe and conscientious. You should choose to view this as evidence that there is more room for you to grow.

The ebb and flow of my own work style is marked by periods of clever tool-using and sparse tool elimnation. The wave always pulls back after crashing, but eventually you will be left with a balance that suits you. But always remember that you could do worse than removing more tasks than you add to your day.


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