Signal Patterns

Signal Patterns

Signal Patterns is a website I discovered recently, and was specifically drawn to its “Music Patterns” section. The site attempts to identify patterns and cues taken from surveys to illuminate certain aspects of your personality. It’s what you would get if Survey Monkey had sex with Pandora… in a behavioral psychology classroom.

From the site:

Music defines you. Learn why you like the music that you do. Explore new music genres that relate to your likings. Get your own customized music playlist. The findings are based on more than 10 years of research.”

I took the survey, which lasts about 5 minutes and consisted of rating 10 second sound clips. One glaring observation: I was not presented with a single clip of Blues or Soul music, so I’m not sure how much this site can presume to know me. I also noticed that while all of the clips were different, many of them were very similar to one another. I rated more than a few clips of speed metal and pop-punk bands, and I’m not sure there was much quality information gained from my opinions of each.

After all was said and done, I was told my musical preferences are “Intelligent, Inspiring, and Complex,” was given a selection of music to download or purchase, and was informed of other Signal Pattern users who had similar tastes as mine. It also lets you add the results to Facebook or your blog.

The Web 2.0 interface of the whole operation is smooth, but I’m not sure how accurate the assessment is. At any rate, it’s a fun 5-minute diversion for anyone interested.

The music you like and dislike does define you to a large extent, but I’m not sure the folks at Signal Patterns are yet able to tap into anything deeper than a vague set of preferences. I could be wrong though, so let me know what you think…


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