Ukulele Mania

This recent article in the New York Times discusses the recent surge in popularity of the ukulele: that Hawaiian 4-stringed wonder of an instrument. This came as news to me, though it did remind me of my favorite YouTube artist lately:

jaaaaaaa (a.k.a Julia Nunes) is my only touchstone to the instrument. I’ve been checking out her YouTube channel for awhile, where she has posted dozens of great covers played on ukulele. Everything from Weezer to The Beatles. As of right now she has 38,554 subscribers, 804,701 channel views, and is the 28th most subscribed musician of all time on Youtube. She has already opened for Ben Folds and has die-hard fans across the globe (I’m serious. Her cover of “All My Loving” illustrates this point…)

She’s intensely likeable, so I suggest you block out an afternoon and start watching. Here’s a couple of my favorites to give you an idea of what you’re in for…


2 Responses to Ukulele Mania

  1. cwall says:

    Do you think if I started covering disney songs with a didgeridoo I could get my own YouTube fame goin’ on?

  2. lithe says:

    Yes. I do.

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