Musical Surgery

A man named Peter Neubäcker has invented software that can edit a single note of a chord. In doing so, he has brought Pro Tools-style editing and perfectionism to a whole new level.

The software is called Direct Note Access, and you can read about it here. The notion that now entire chords and polyphonic sequences can be exact and precise simply begs a question asked previously when Pro Tools became prevalent. Who actually wants perfection in music?

The greatest music–soul, blues, jazz, classical, hip hop, country, and everything in between–is always injected with emotion and humanity which, in practical terms, comes down to imperfections. Bent notes, distinct tremolo, an individual’s interpretation of ritardando… all the elements of music that can’t be written down relies on interpretation, and individual interpretation is what lifts good music up to great music.

Keep your software. Let’s just do another take.


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