Just Play

I was checking out the latest post on Tim Ferriss’s blog today, and stumbled upon this quote from the book “Why Works Sucks and How To Fix It”:

Why do we spend so much of our business life talking about the business we need to take care of rather than simply taking care of it?

This is a question that applies to practicing your instrument as well. Don’t spend a lot of time reading about techniques, checking out YouTube clips, and buying music mags. These things distract you from your ultimate goal of actually improving, which can only be achieved through diligent practice.

Just play.

To rephrase the quote above: Why do we spend so much so much of our practice time watching and listening to the music we should be playing, rather than simply playing?

Most things in life are simply a distraction. Just play.


2 Responses to Just Play

  1. Grace Keng says:

    Can I use the image of “Just do it” in my blog?

  2. lithe says:

    By all means. But keep in mind that Nike might have a more valid opinion of the situation…

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