Keeping Time

“Intelligence and Rhythmic Accuracy Go Hand in Hand”

This is a curious article posted over at Science Daily, and claims that there is a correlation between skillful timekeeping and general problem-solving skills. It’s a surprising conclusion arising from an activity that utilizes no problem solving skills, but researchers claim “Irregularity of timing probably arises at a more fundamental biological level owing to a kind of noise in brain activity.”

Using the word “noise” to characterize synaptic brain messaging is yet another example of how pervasive musicality is in virtually every aspect of a human life.


3 Responses to Keeping Time

  1. Doc Kane says:


    Just read your comments on Tim Ferris’ website. Awesome. Glad to hear you’re putting his principles in action as are a lot of us! Looking at your blog today, I just had to comment on this post related to drumming and intelligence. As a drummer, I believe I now finally have the perfect comeback to the old drummer joke: “What’s a drummer without a girlfriend?” “Homeless!” Godspeed. Doc

  2. lithe says:

    Thanks Doc, I appreciate the comments. I’m always perusing Ferriss’ blog and finally decided to write in. Glad I did!

  3. lithe says:

    Hey Doc, my lineage traces back to Roscommon too! Wonders never cease…

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