Best Sites for Free Music


There are a lot of sites out there that are trying to be the Next Big Thing on the music scene, trying to reinvent the industry. Luckily for us, so far they’re free, and are a great way to listen to tracks and find new music. Below are my top 5 picks:

Grooveshark – Currently in beta-release, Grooveshark is an online network that lets you stream tracks for free, access your home mp3 collection remotely, and compensates you if someone buys a track that you’re sharing with the community. A Facebook/iTunes hybrid.

Songza –  Type in the song or artist you want to hear. Click a link. Listen. This site streams thousands and thousands of tracks for you to listen to for free. Very simple interface too… – This one has already had its fair share of press (it was purchased by CBS, who had the first-ever commercial radio station in the U.S., in May 2007), and is currently the leader in the “social music revolution.” A plugin on your computer keeps track of the music you listen to and finds other users with similar tastes. It also incorporates a radio application that streams songs you may like in a radio station-like format, a la Pandora. Has a ton of widgets to share your tastes with the world. –  This is one of my personal favorites. It lets you upload your entire music collection for remote access anywhere in the world. You can also create playlists with the tracks you upload, and share these “stations” with friends. Has a community aspect to it, and a format that’s evokes iTunes.

Finetune – This is a social-playlisting site that has plugins for your blog. Search for the tracks, put a playlist together, share with friends. Similar to, but more blog-friendly.


3 Responses to Best Sites for Free Music

  1. sertop says:

    Have you checked out Pandora Radio yet?

  2. I’m a lover myself.
    I like the music/interaction balance.

    I find it invaluable when trawling for new bands I may like. Be it via user interaction or using the automated recommendations and discovery featured.

    They have also recently vastly increased the number of full tracks available to stream.

  3. lithe says:

    Pandora, in my opinion, started it all. I assume, probably wrongly so, that most people know about it by now. Even so, I linked it under the post of Definitely deserves a nod, though it lacks a lot of the social aspects of these other sites.

    Richards Cutts: Good to know! I should check out some of my stations for new additions…

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