Freedom in a Working World

Cost of Freedom

Believe it or not, this post takes its inspiration from the blog by the authors of Mavericks At Work, a book about originality in the business world. The post is called “Freedom=Success (And Not The Other Way Around).” It points out a prominent shift in the way people want their lives to be:

While we still care about money, security, and mastery, we’ve come to put creativity, meaning, and freedom on the same plane

This is a crucial to the lives of artists, writers, and musicians. This means that there is a paradigm shift at work, one that is starting to measure success by the amount of personal freedom an individual has, not their position or payroll. I see this article as a sign for creative minds to finally unleash their ideas and dreams, and to pursue them with as much pride and dedication as your friend ascending the neo-corporate ladder.

I urge you to read the post, and to think about what this means to the creative community: a group previously forced to divide their time between their passion and their paycheck.


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