Valentine’s Day Mix- 5 Essential Tracks

My Bloody Valentine

Valentine’s Day approaches. If you think otherwise, realize that a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift takes time to prepare, but is cheaper and less stressful than buying elaborate diamond jewelry on February 13th.

Go-to gift #1: The Valentine’s Day Mix CD. Not a stand-alone solution but, when compiled right, can be worth a fortune and works as a companion piece to anything else you spring for. Deciding which tracks to include (and their sequence) requires equal parts design, art, and intelligence.

In reality, a Valentine’s Day Mix need only be a handful of songs. If well chosen, they can do the work of hundreds. Without insulting your brainpower or sense of aesthetics, here are my suggestions for the 5 essential tracks you should include on your Valentine’s Day mix CD. (You can listen to all 5 on my Valentine’s Day Mix Essentials playlist on

  1.  Without Love (There Is Nothing) by Ray Charles. – This one’s a standard that’s been sung by everyone from Elvis to Tom Jones. Ray’s version is smokey and full of blues, and crescendos into a passionate finish.
  2. Your Song by Elton John – THE Valentine’s Day song. It works if sung from a guy or girl’s perspective, and is as sweet a sentiment as you could ever hope for in a love song (Though it never mentions the word ‘love.’ )
  3. The Love You Save (May Be Your Own) by Joe Tex –  Puts love right up there with life and death. Another smokey soul tune with just the right amount of horns to punctuate the silences.
  4. That’s Where It’s At by Sam Cooke – This is a song about those fleeting, instantaneous feelings and emotions that you want to hang on to but never can. Hugely important to a mix, preferably as a closer.
  5. And So It Goes by Billy Joel – You’re gonna need a song in there that shows your vulnerability. This is the one.

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