Football Mouse

Amazon is giving away 1 Billion mp3s during the Super Bowl.

Great, right?! After all, an earlier post of mine touted how on-point Amazon was in unrolling the first true iTunes rival. (Read about it here.)

I’m sure you can sense that there’s a caveat, and it is this: you’ll have to buy 5 Pepsi products to get 5 codes for each MP3. So really, they’re not free at all. You’re getting a single mp3 for the price of 5 bottles of sugar water. Let’s say a bottle of Pepsi is $1.50: In accordance with this Super Bowl promo, you will get 1 mp3 (valued at $.89 on Amazon) for 5 Pepsi’s ($7.50.) Assuming you wouldn’t have bought Pepsi in the first place, this is by no means free.

In a stupendous twist of carbonated irony, it’s cheaper to buy 8 mp3s on directly than it is to get 1 from this promotion. Whether or not you do either is another story…


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