Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals have a new album out called Lifeline. As the liner notes will tell you, it was recorded and mixed in Paris in 7 days on a 16-track analog tape machine. No computers or pro-tools were used.

It’s an interesting experiment and an intresting thing to listen to, especially amidst the climate of music today. Interestingly, in the same month, a small piece was written up in Rolling Stone about the use of computer-assisted auto-tune, or as one producer calls it: “the fake tits of the music industry.” It singles out Rihanna’s new album and juxtaposes it against a Britney Spears track that was leaked sans editing. Joe Levy, the author of the article, argues that the Britney track is more interesting to listen to, for the sheer fact that Britney’s track sounds human.

It’s natural for artists to constantly strive for perfection… but what happens if they can actually reach it? It’s starting to sound like perfection reached isn’t perfection at all.


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